portrait of Italian model and creative person Kristy Flowers

Tattoo Photography of Kristy Flowers

My first tattoo photography session featuring someone with extensive body art was with Kristy Flowers. She was introduced to me by an Italian rapper Nunzio La Rosa ( Elys ). Elys was in my studio making a music video earlier this year and Kristy was one of the performers in the video.

I took some BTS pics of the video shoot at the time. When you have great models with interesting and creative tattoos in the studio you shouldn’t let money get in the way of making images. I photographed Kristy and fellow Italian Nico who were both looking cool with their outfits and tattoos. That’s Italians for you…always looking cool.

dramatic portrait of woman with feather shawl and lace body suit

Tea Time

We did the usual thing of making friends on Instagram… Fast forward a few months and I see Kristy posting some images on Instagram which, to be honest, I didn’t think did her justice. So I invited her in for a collab shoot.

Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned

We didn’t plan anything really, Kristy arrived with a variety of cool outfits and we just free-styled using a variety of lighting techniques. I started with hard/soft light mixes, so started with a magnum reflector and a softbox fill, then moved on to a straight hard reflector with barndoors for the room corner shots.

tattoo photography of girl with golden boots

The Girl With The Improbable Golden Boots

Then back to beauty dishes for the red background and bolero jacket shots. Needless to say, I forgot to take any set-up BTS images because I’m a numpty and always get caught up in the photoshoot and forget.

This is mostly a gallery page for the fashion portrait shoot with Kristy. However, I’m dressing it up as a blog post about tattoo photography for SEO reasons. Scroll down to see her gallery. The rest is just me padding out the copy to keep the SEO gods at Google happy. If you’ve stumbled across this whilst researching photographers to shoot your tattoos I’m obviously available. Please send me a message via WhatsApp to discuss your requirements.

Why Have Tattoo Photography Done

Tattoos are more than just ink on the skin; they’re an expression of one’s identity, beliefs, and stories. Tattoo photography is your key to immortalizing this unique art form. Whether you’re a tattoo artist looking to showcase your work or a tattoo enthusiast who wants to celebrate their body art, my photography services will bring your ink to life.

  1. Preserve the Art: Tattoos fade over time, but photography ensures that every intricate detail is preserved, allowing you to relish your body art for years to come.
  2. Showcase Your Tattoo: A picture is worth a thousand words. Display your tattoos to the world with professional photography that captures the essence and artistry of your ink.
tattoo photography of woman

The Process: From Tattoo to Photograph

  1. Consultation: We discuss your vision and expectations and tailor the photoshoot accordingly.
  2. Lighting: This is where my skills lie. As a predominantly studio-based photographer, I’m an expert in creating the right light to accentuate the details and colours of your tattoos.
  3. Angles: We experiment with various angles to capture the depth and texture of your tattoo, ensuring it pops in the photographs.
  4. Post-Processing: I’ll enhance the images, ensuring they match the vividness of your tattoo.

Why Choose Me?

  • Personalisation: Your story, your ink, your way – we create a unique experience tailored to you.
  • Quality: Commitment to excellence means you’ll receive high-quality, vibrant photos that do justice to your tattoos.

Don’t let your body art go unnoticed. Embrace the world of tattoo photography, and let us bring your ink to life! Contact me today to schedule your personalised tattoo photography session.

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