Studio Lighting Set Up Examples

Hard Light, Bright White Background

Godox AD600 flash with the small reflector it’s supplied with aimed directly at the model as the key light. Two x AD400 with large umbrella softboxes aimed at the background. I had the mode standing on white perspex to create a subtle reflection.

Hard Light Only

Godox 600W flash with small reflector direct at model on its own. You get a light grey background by turning the backlights off from the above setup. Play with the position of the light until you get the shadow angle you like. Use a white/black polyboard to create bounce fill or accentuate the shadows as I’ve done in this one.

Two Large Umbrella Softboxes

A quick alternative look using the same lights as above, turn the main light off and use the backlights only, but aim them at the model. Play around with the model’s position and the lights’ power.

Silhouette, Gobo Key

Two x AD400 with standard reflectors onto white background + AD300 in Gobo with the internal leaves creating a horizontal strip of light.

Beauty Dish + Two Large Umbrella Softboxes

70cm Silver beauty dish with a diffusion sock + two umbrella softboxes positioned so they light the background and also act as rim lights. The beauty dish was on a lower power so the

Beauty Dish + Two Large White Umbrellas

Similar to the image next door however the beauty dish is on higher power. and the diffusions have been removed from the umbrellas so there is more light bouncing around.

Three Large Umbrella Softboxes – Key in Loop Position

My go-to for eComm photography. Play around with either the white or black side of the poly board to make the shot lighter or moodier. Turn the backlights off and move the key light more central for a quick second look. See the last pic

Three Large Umbrella Softboxes – Key in Paramount PositionThe

Key light is a large soft 180cm softbox umbrella which you can see peeking in on the top edge of the BTS pic . Its central but high.

Two Circular Gobos + Gels

There various ways of creating the Red Background. Barebulb AD200 were used in this one with gels over them. Umbrella softboxes also work. Always best to start on white paper, room or cove. Two circular gobo were used one one the background, one on the model.

Two Large Umbrella Softboxes

Place the model quite near the background, turn your white balance down to 3500K and then put a pink gel on the RHS Light and leave the LHS light on white. It will look blue because of the WB tweak.

Three Large Umbrella Softboxes – Beauty Set Up

The super large umbrella gives excellent soft wrapping light for beauty or fashion accessory work. Note the black poly board on both of the models which help create more 3D form on the arms.

Commercial Beauty High Key

Place the model quite near a large square or rectangular softbox.

Three Gelled Softbox + Gobo Spot

Two Gelled Softbox + Gobo Stripe

Superhero With Gridded Reflecters and Barndoors

Superhero With Gridded Stripboxes

Gridded Long Throw Reflector With Ring Flash Fill

Gridded Beauty Dishes + Gelled Umbrella Softbox

Five Light Commercial

Key light is a gridded beauty dish in central plus two strip boxes adding some fill to the subject where the BD falls off. The background umbrella softboxes had orange gels in them to really pump up the background colour.

Gridded Beauty Dish Only

Ignore the two umbrella softboxes they were on minimum power and only used to make the BTS shot look better. The only light doing any work is the 70cm beauty dish above and aimed down at the model

Drag The Shutter Blur

Started this shoot using my continuous lights mainly

Drag The Shutter Blur

Sidelight With Gobo Spot

Barebulb Rims With Small Beauty Dish

three Light headshot #1

Crosslight with two softboxes plus subtle light using a gridded reflector with barn doors on the background.

three Light headshot #2

Crosslight with two softboxes plus a gobo projector to create the highlight on the background. Similar to the one next door, BUT, notice the key light is more front on and lower and there is a black polyboard adding negative fill RHS.

Split light with Rim

120cm Octobox is side on to the subject and then a strip box is adding a soft rim from the back LHS. A white Polyboard adds a subtle fill as it’s been set quite far from the subject.

Two Gelled Umbrella Softboxes

180cm Softbox Umbrella is high and above the model white. My white balance has been changed to 3500K then dark blue gelled umbrella softbox low and front. Shot at f11 but the effects filter makes it look soft focus.

Gelled Umbrella Softboxes + Gobo Stripe Key Light

This row uses similar equipment. The key thing is the placement of the Gobo key light. Here it’s to the LHS of the model so there are no shadows on the background.

Gelled Umbrella Softboxes + Gobo Stripe Key Light

Here the gobo projector is higher and farther back, and positioned front on, so there is a dramatic shadow on the background.

Gelled Umbrella Softboxes + Gobo Stripe Key Light

Similar to the previous row

Pastel Gels

Three Gels + Beauty Dish

Three Gels + Beauty Dish

Three Hard Gels

Gogo Spot + Top Light Fill + Gelled Rims

gobo Stripe + Small Beauty Dish

gobo Stripe + Small Beauty Dish + Gelled Softboxes

Four lights, the gobo strip is the key light and is out of shot on the right hand side on the BTS shot. Dark shiny reflective clothes work really well with colour gels.

Gridded Beauty Dish + Large Umbrella Softbox

The Umbrella softbox is not in the shot, it was behind and above me on axis adding fill.

Gridded Toplight in Blackout studio + Rim Lights Either Side

The LED panel on the left hand side isn’t visible but it was there. This was for a video shoot but it would work with strobes in gridded strip boxes instead of the LED panels and the top light. The blackout studio and the grid controlling the spill for the top key light are key thing in creating the deep inky black.