Portrait Photographer London

Welcome to my portrait portfolio. I’m a portrait photographer working from my studio in Camberwell, south-east London. If you’re looking for creative photography images that make a lasting impression, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you’re an aspiring actor, a talented musician, or a business professional in need of a striking headshot, I specialise in creating captivating portraits and headshots that bring out your unique personality and style. Let me guide you through the process and show you the power of creative portrait photography.

coloured gels portrait of male DJ /  music producer

At my London studio, I offer a range of portrait photography services tailored to your specific needs. Here are the four categories that define my professional work.

  • Headshots for Actors
  • Corporate Portraits
  • Fashion & Beauty Portraits
  • Creative & Editorial Portraits.

There is a crossover between these categories, but I find most projects end up falling into one of them. Defining what the images are for will help with planning your photo shoot.

These are used for a variety of purposes… Actor and model Portfolios, Social Media Content, Promotional Materials, Corporate and Professional Websites, and Dating Sites… to name a few.

portrait of young female actor

Actors Headshots

Portraits & Headshots for Individuals

If you’re an actor, model, performer, or musician seeking to enhance your portfolio, you understand the importance of compelling headshots. These images are your calling card, your opportunity to shine. I specialise in capturing your essence and natural beauty, ensuring that your personality radiates through the lens. With our professional headshots, you’ll make a lasting impression on casting directors, talent agencies, and industry professionals.

profile portrait of Hayley Mack Owner of CentLDN

Corporate Portraits

Business Portraits

Moving on from the creative world to the business world. I can provide professional images for people looking to update their business websites. Professional LinkedIn profile shots will improve your chances of getting that interview and your potential dream job.

Beauty & Fashion Photography

Models, Hair & Make-Up, Stylists, Wardrobe, these are collaborative efforts for model portfolios, fashion brands and beauty products. Creating unique and individual images takes time, planning, styling and attention to detail. Shooting tethered in the studio means we can check the fine detail of the images as we proceed with the shoot.

Editorial Portrait Photographer

Props, locations, let’s play with lights and have some fun. Editorial photography is all about creativity either in the studio or on location. If you need more reportage-style environmental portraits I can figure out the best way to achieve this at a location of your choice.

Studio Portrait Photographer London

My preferred way of working is in the studio as this allows you to complete control of the light and with the right planning, props and backdrops, you can create lots of different looks. The studio is a very adaptable place for creating professional portraits. Location work requires more planning and you’re at the mercy of the elements, traffic, and other people. If you are shooting outside, especially here in the UK the weather can play havoc with your schedule.

Headshot photography can range from high-key light and bright, to dark and moody and all tones in between. The key thing is capturing an expression that captures the character of the subject. Though my style tends toward the dark and moody, I can shoot high-key bright and light when required.

I shoot straight into a computer when we’re in the studio so we can review images as we go along. This ensures you feel confident about the portraits you will receive. Our London portrait photography studio will create images that you will really like.

How I Work as a London Portrait Photographer

To get the best from your photoshoot you need to be relaxed in front of all the strange studio paraphernalia you are surrounded by. My working method is informal and relaxed, I’m a slightly sweary Glaswegian with a few tales to tell from the ’90s and naughties that will hopefully relax you in front of the camera.

We have a variety of props, stools, and chairs for you to use and we also encourage clients to bring props and accessories that might work in the shoot.

  • Magazines
  • Fashion eCommerce Sites
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Social Media Influencers
  • Bands & Musicians
  • Singers
  • Small Businesses
  • Actors
  • Artists
  • Performers
  • Models
  • Professionals

Who I Work With

We can provide portrait images for your business website, and social profiles such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. As a London portrait photographer, I tend to work a lot with singers, actors, and musicians. Creative performers need professional headshots and also portfolio images that show a variety of styles and looks to show their range.

Pricing & How To Book Portrait photographer

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