I signed up to StarNow and put out a casting call not knowing what to expect. I have a confession to everyone that applied and was shortlisted – I didn’t put much thought into the Sci-Fi theme. I just scribbled it down quickly, not expecting quite the response I received. I had to retrospectively think about what I meant by Sci-Fi.

Science Fiction is a very broad subject, but what attracted me to it was the cinematic colour and drama found in films like Blade Runner, Ghost In The Shell. It was this I wanted to explore. I also wanted to find out what could be achieved in my studio with strobe and continuous lights, minimal props and a few backgrounds.

Also if you look at my other urban and abstract photography, colour and texture play a important role . I wanted to bring these into my portraits. Coloured gels seemed the best way to go. So I’m slowly building my knowledge of how to use gels in the studio.