New Decade – New Career

Let’s just say since a certain day in 2016 business has been challenging. Brexit and the fight to maintain decent google ranking in a competitive market means my main business has been struggling. Throw in a big birthday – I turned 50 this year – and I realised it’s time for a career change.

I dived back into photography back around 2005. If you know me, you’ve probably had your picture taken! Along the way I’ve built up a portfolio of photographic prints which has never really been monetised. Dabbling in photography rather than being properly commercial if I’m being honest.

Moving business premises last year was the catalyst. The new location was 50% bigger than my previous premises. This allowed me to build myself a permanent photo studio / creative space at one end.

Here’s are some before and after shots. It took a little vision and a lot of hard work to turn it from a grotty badly lit cave into a photo studio.

Thank You

Before I get into the details of the new business, I’d like to thank all the people who contributed towards my recent 50th birthday present. I bought myself some new LED lights for still life and video work. They can be seen in video shoot image above.

The new career will have three interconnected strands all based round photography. I had written a very long blog on all three. However since everyone’s got the attention span of gnat these days I’ve split them into three separate blogs.

#1 Interior Products & Photographic Art Prints

My college degree background was in textile design and I’ve always loved making things. There is something therapeutic about being physically creative. I started upcycling old pallets and flooring timber into tables to scratch that creative itch. This led on to creating surface designs from my photography. This website will eventually have a shop selling these products.

I’m slowly building up a stock of prints and products and there is nothing like a deadline to concentrate one’s mind. So I signed up to Camberwell Arts Open Studio on 7/8th of December. This is where I need your help. Which of my photographic art prints I should put into stock?

Pick Your Favourite – Win Photographic Art Prints

Simple task, choose your favourites below that you would be happy to put on the wall. Use the form below to email me your selection and you’ll be entered into a prize draw for a framed print.

Christmas is also on the horizon so if you fancy any of the images as a gift for a loved one please get in touch.

Mounted prints start from £20, framed prints from £80.

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