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Affordable Photo Studio Hire For Still / Film Work

Friends might remember an earlier post about my photography career just before Christmas and running a little competition to win a print. Another revenue stream I was developing at the time was providing affordable photo studio hire. It was just getting going when the pandemic hit…

Where The Studio Hire Idea Came From

One of my neighbours runs an online shop selling vintage objects and furniture. Last year he asked if he could shoot his own “pack shots” in the photo studio. He turned out to be my first client. This got me thinking that there are probably other people who would pay to use my space.

You need quite a lot of space for photography and studio hire can be expensive. Given my other company was covering the majority of the space costs. I saw an opportunity to create affordable studio space for individuals and SME’s operating on a budget. Having the majority of the kit required to set up a basic studio meant the initial capital costs were negligible.

Let’s face it with the proliferation of good camera’s anyone can take decent pictures/films if they get the lighting right. It’s also a good way for me to develop studio lighting ideas and figure out what can be achieved in the photo studio by solving problems for other people.

Ads on Gumtree generated a few hires for film and photography work. We even ended up doing a high-end fashion photoshoot over two days for Carcy Magazine.

I’ve designed the studio so people can shot their own still or video using the continuous lights which are easier to understand than pro flash. We also have a couple of studio flashes which I can explain how to use. I’m slowly building the studio kit up as I buy gear for my own work.

Now the lockdown is easing I can start promoting it properly, although with new COVID-19 Studio rules to ensure social distancing and client safety.

The studio is available from as little as 2 hours up to to a long 10 hour day if required. If you are an SME, stylist, musician, actor or model you can hire the studio and bring in your own kit or photographer.

During the lockdown, I took the opportunity to build a dedicated website for this new studio hire business. Head over there to make a booking.

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