Headshot Photo Offer

I recently completed two headshot photo shoots with actor friends Rory and Holly. I enjoyed the process and realised I should be doing more.  So I’m re-booting my photography, initially concentrating on studio / location portraits.

First I need a little more practice fine tuning some of the technical stuff. I also need to build my portfolio and get my photo brain ticking over. So I thought a value for money offer would be a good way to get things moving again. 

Most photographers tend to charge from £150 to £250 for basic packages.
As a general rule you usually around get 1 – 2 hours and 2 – 5 images for this fee
So I’m going to charge less  – ONLY £100 – and give you more images.

This offer is perfect for younger actors & musicians who need to update their Spotlight profile or require promo images. People wanting quality profile shots for their CV’s, resumes, LinkedIn or social media are also welcome to get in touch.

What Do I Get & Cost

  • 2 – 3 hours shoot with a few different lighting set ups.
  • Online gallery of 100 – 200 still images, from which you can choose a selection.
  • We’ll end up with 6 – 9 images for you to use. Example
  • These will be supplied as Colour + B&W digital files. – No prints included, they can be supplied as an extra. 
  • A small amount of retouching is included.
  • Portraits session will mainly take place in my studio / workshop.
  • My home garden and Ruskin Park are nearby if we want to try some outdoor locations.
  • £100 per session for the first 10 applicants. 
  • I’m allowed to use the images on my website and /or promotions.

My south London studio is equidistant from Brixton, Camberwell, and Herne Hill, all of which have good public transport links. I also have free car parking, can be flexible on timing, and happy to work weekends.

Studio sessions will be flash based, if you prefer natural light we can use locations nearby, but this is weather dependent. We can also mix the two up to create a more varied portfolio.

Headshot Photo Session Tips

  • Bring a few changes of clothes, make sure they are ironed.
  • Plain clothes in a selection of tones from light to dark will give us plenty of options.
  • Your clothes should be comfortable so you can relax into the shoot.
  • Don’t go out on drinking the night before the shoot, hangovers are never a great look for a portrait.
  • If you plan to get a hair cut, do it 3 – 4 days beforehand, so it grows a little and looks more natural.
  • Go easy on the makeup, you can always add more if it’s required.
  • Creating a good image requires some effort from the subject, so prepare to work a little.

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