Didjitalis ~ St Pancras Station Session

This is first video I’ve shot on my new camera, not bad considering I only looked at the manual 2 hours earlier! Only problem is… after 7 years of getting good with still photography its now back to school for video! Its a little underexposed and slightly shaky as I was using a monopod rather than a tripod. Lessons learned and to be honest Darien just asked me along to take some still shots.

“Didjitalis is a musical collective formed by a DJ, a jazz pianist and a didgeridooist. Known artists in their respective fields,  they have come together to form one of London’s top live dance acts. With their unique blend of organic instrumentation, musicality and cutting edge technology, Didjitalis strive to create the most innovative live performances around. With a deep passion for the natural world firmly embedded in the band’s ethos, Didjitalis invite you to join them on a musical journey which explores our relationship with the Earth, through a sound that will blow you away!”

Was very impressed at how the band has progressed since I last some them play, on Australia day in 2012 at a bar in Balham.  I took some photo’s at this gig and then some studio promo photo’s of the band last June. This was before Andre their singer joined them.  You can see the earlier band shoot here.

They are next playing the Ship in Kennington on the 1st of June, I’ll be there taking some more photo’s and experimenting with the video.

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