Creative Portrait Photography London

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In this day and age when most people can take a decent image with a phone, you need to raise the game in your portrait photography and find new ways to let your subject’s character shine through creative portrait photography.

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Professional Portrait Photography

I believe your portrait photographs should reflect your personality, so I will ensure that your session in the studio captures your creativity and spontaneity. Your portrait images are often the first thing that people will see, so it is important that your personality shines through in every single image.

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Storyboards & Concepts

Before the session, I will work with you to create a concept for the shoot, with a storyboard that guides us through the session and provides direction. However, this is only a guide for the shoot, and I believe that the best images are captured when you are feeling at ease and spontaneous. There will be no awkward moments, your shoot will be fun and relaxed so that your true personality shines through.

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Creating Artistic Portraits

Whether you are an actor, a musician, or an aspiring model living in London, creative portrait photography can help you stand out from the crowd and build your portfolio.  I will work with you at every stage from discussing initial memorable concepts to capturing artistic portraits which reflect your personality, abilities, and background.

Creative Lighting

Creative portrait photography is one of the most complex and textured forms of photography, with multiple details to navigate, from the technical elements such as lighting and the backdrop to the expression and composure of the subject. In comparison to plain corporate headshots, creative portrait photography carefully combines lighting, props, hair & makeup and set design to create the unique images you need. 

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Props, Hair & MakeUp

When it comes to creative portrait photographs, you need a skilled photographer with a flair for capturing the most creative shots possible. Whatever, your ideas for the shoot, I will work with you to create the perfect setup here in my versatile studio. Photoshoots tend to start with simple headshots to ease you into the process and then move on to more creative set ups.

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Range Of Studio Props

Photoshoot props will bring a creative idea to life and can completely change the mood and feel of a session. Perhaps the most important props within any photoshoot are the seating options, from high bar stools to comfortable lounge chairs and even wooden ladders, the seating can set the scene for a shoot. Once the seating is decided upon, there are a variety of props available including vintage bar equipment, old frames and retro phones.

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Coloured Gels & Smoke

I am the owner of the studio, and I am an experienced professional photographer with a background in textiles. I believe that my unique set of skills enables me to carefully compose creative portraits, which bring to life colour, contrast, and texture. Creative portrait photography is about capturing a story, personality, and expression, and I will work with you to achieve the style and tone you need.

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Portrait Photography In Camberwell, South London

The studio is based just a mile south of Elephant & Castle, in Camberwell, South London, so wherever you are located you will be easily able to access the professional studio. I pride myself on offering a relaxed, affordable, versatile, and fun session, so I can tailor my services to suit your specific requirements. 

In addition to my full photography service, I also offer my studio for hire, so you can simply arrive with your photographer and take charge of your shoot. To find out more, please contact me for a friendly chat.