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Creative Portrait Photography

Artistic Portraits

Creative portrait photography for your business or marketing campaign. Portraits can be a very traditional sub-genre of photography — but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring! Let’s banish the forced smile against a plain backdrop. This type of portrait photography is my happy place. Combining set building, hair & makeup, props and post-production. This is about creating an image.

In this day and age when most people can take a decent image with a phone, you need to raise the game in your portrait photography and find new ways to let your subject’s character shine through creative portrait photography.

This is where having my own studio comes into its own I have the space to build sets and store props. We’ll explore this work through a few shoots I’ve done. The final images and also behind the scenes shots BTS will give you some inspiration and illustrate whats involved.

Editorial Style Portrait Shoot

My friend Jen has great tattoos and a rather large touring bike which we knew would make a great prop. It was quite heavy and its large turning circle which meant we just managed to get it into my studio. Obviously having a ground floor studio with no steps was also vital.

Creative Portrait Photography

The key thing with creative portrait photography shoots is planning and designing the shoot. Coming up with a concept and storyboard. Don’t box yourself in completely, allow room for some spontaneity on the day. I personally find creating a back story is a good way to get the creative juices going. Creating a story for the shoot allows helps with the styling and direction.

I like working with artists, singers musicians, actors and performers, they bring energy to shoots and usually have interesting ideas which they are willing to try out.