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Siobhain ~ Norcott Road Party


Continuing the Friendly Tree series of portraits, this is my friend Siobhain aka “Shiv” who I’ve known almost as long as I’ve known my partner Selena. They met while they were both temping at a company for just one day in 1993.  Another chance meeting that turned into a long-term friendship. We have been to Thailand and Guatemala with Shiv, and through her Selena and I established a large group of long standing friends. Step forward the SOAS gang – Tim, Robism, Kevin, Jules, Ant, Ian, Miranda, Helen, Andy, Mischa, James & Jo the other James and Jo and then all the partners, husbands and wife’s that came along as the years went by. Continue Reading →

Stephen ~ DTPM


Portraits from a series I’m working on called “The Friendly Tree” a collection of images and stories illustrating friendships made over 20 years of living in London. London is a notoriously transient place, not somewhere to put down roots. I came here to study, but 20 years later I’m still here. Over the years I have built friendships and connections that operate in the same way as the family I left behind many years ago. Reflecting on the importance of these people in my life it struck me that many of these meetings occurred by chance. These connections, so fragile at the time, establishing over the years into a sense of permanence. Connections forged in a moment then nurtured through shared experience. Like the branches of a tree, these chance meetings with like-minded individuals led to further meetings and the Friendly Tree was born. The Friendly Tree was a metaphor a friend came up with to describe the structure of support that we build in the absence of traditional family systems. My own friendly tree all begins with Stephen. Continue Reading →

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