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Lis Rhodes at Tate Modern



Popped into the Tate Modern at the weekend while wandering down the river taking in the Thames Festival sights and sounds. Was really impressed by an installation piece from the Tate permanent collection by the artist Lis Rhodes. It’s been installed in one of the new Tank Rooms in the Turbine hall. They’ve been opened temporarily ( approx. 15 weeks ) before they are shut again whilst they finish building the rest of the new extension.

It’s possibly one of my favourite installation  / interactive pieces of art I’ve ever seen. It’s fun, you and the people around you become the art, the artist uses two projectors to chop up light and cast shadows on the walls. I would recommend staying for at least 10 -15 mins in the room, watching how the projections change slowly and how people react and interact with each other. Also get involved yourself! Continue Reading →

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