Rather than concentrating on candid photography I went up to Brick Lane thinking it was time to get out of my comfort zone. I decided to start asking strangers for posed portraits, I need to practice establishing rapport quickly with subjects so people to loosen up in front of the camera and you hopefully get better images. Plenty of other photographers do it, so how hard could it be?

First up we have two visitors to London, Fabiana from Taiwan looking very fashionable. Completely engrossed in texting, she was oblivious to me taking photo’s of her from 6 feet away before I asked her. The posed portrait is a much better than the candid shots I took.

I either got lucky, chose my subjects well, or my “hanging around and waiting for people to get curious” technique works. Managed to take 6 portraits and didn’t get any knock backs in 2-3 hours. Having my iPhone loaded up with my portrait portfolio helped.

Then we have Salvatore from Italy, but living in Paris. He was the least keen, which I think you can tell from his expression.

Then I got chatting with Joseph, who was playing this organ outside the shop on the south side of the bridge about half way up Brick Lane. He seemed to know the owner and was trying to get people to play the organ, even though it had a do not touch sign on it!

Next door on the pavement Anthony had stall selling clothes, we got chatting whilst I was changing my lens. He was into his photography. I do like my 85mm lens, it takes nice portraits.

Next up is Tamarah Djalloul, she was with a friend, who was filming her doing quick voxpops with people on the pavement. These were for her show-reel as she wants to be a TV presenter.

And finally there was Tom, I spotted his hair before I saw him! He does improv comedy sketches and seemed pleased at the idea of getting some new profile shots.

An interesting mix of people for my first attempt, I’ll return to this challenge as the year progresses.

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