Robbie Ewing is a photographer and designer based in Camberwell, London.

When I’m not running Dimensions Displays I get creative with a camera. This website is my personal portfolio.

I enjoy taking portraits, capturing a someone’s character is always a fun challenge. Creating a unique image which shows a person at their best is what I strive for. Photographing people is all about the interaction between the subject and photographer. Photo shoots should be relaxed and fun to get the best images and that’s what I try to achieve in the studio or on location.

The other body of work that I’m concentrating on is creating images using multiple exposures, still life compositions, or that elusive moment when light creates a special moment. My design training was in textiles so I find myself drawn to strong colour, patterns and textures. I use various techniques to create texture and pattern images which will be suitable for digital printing onto textiles. The aim to develop these into a range of products to sell online.



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