London Photographer & Designer
Creative Images, Headshot Portraits & Studio Hire

I’m a south London photographer and designer. I create images using a variety of techniques such as multiple & long exposures, deliberate camera shake. I also love capturing those elusive moments when the light creates a special fleeting moment. When these two come together you can create a unique one-off image.

I find myself drawn to strong the colours, patterns and textures found in the grand sweep of cities, or in the details of objects photographed in the studio.

I trained as a textile designer in a former life and my other work involves manufacturing and printing. It seemed like a logical step to use these skills to develop my images into surface designs. These are then applied to products such as cushions, throws, tables, and scarfs. You can purchase prints and products from this website or from my Etsy store.

I also take headshots and portraits for web profiles and editorial. Capturing someone’s character is always a fun challenge. In a nutshell, I’m south London photographer and designer. I use abstract photography to create surface designs and take portraits.

My workshop/studio is also available to hire with or without me pressing the shutter. I’m based in a large railway arch in North Camberwell near Burgess Park.