About Me

Hopefully you’ve reached this page because you like my work and want a little more information about me as your thinking of hiring me. Lets start back at art school in 1991 which is when I moved to London from Galashiels in the Scottish borders. I did my BA in Gala and completed a MA at Central St Martins here in London. Having grown up in Glasgow it was nice to get back to a big city.

At Central St Martins and also on my earlier BA course in textile design I used photography to develop design ideas. I had a Minolta SLR and developed my own B&W film and used the darkrooms for prints. How things have changed since then!

After college obviously the bright lights of London kept me here and after a couple jobs and fast forward 20 years I’ve ended up running my own little company called Dimensions Displays. We make quality portable graphic display equipment for marketing and exhibitions. In the spirit of openness this is my main source of income.

Around 2005, a spur of the moment purchase of a Nikon D50 at a trade show was the impetus to get back into photography. Over the last 7 years I’ve been learning how to take pictures again. After 4 weddings for family and family. Helping other friends with online profile portraits and also doing all the photography for my business, I thought its about time to start to marketing myself properly. I’ve upgraded my camera gear a couple of times since then as well.

I still love strong colours and patterns that I used back in college to develop design ideas. You can see this is in some of the images in the Art Print gallery. I think the skills learned at design college are very useful for photography  – composition, how to handle colour, texture, contrast. It was also around this time that Apple Macs were making a real impact on graphic design and I’ve been using them for over 20 years now. So I’m pretty good with Photoshop and now Lightroom. I do like post production and playing around with images.

My main photographic specialism is studio and environmental portraits. Due to nature of the day job I can’t do any work really that far from London but being the boss means I’m flexible and can work round clients requirements.

I’ll sign off now, if you head over to the photography blog or visit my Facebook page and read a few entries you’ll hopefully get a fuller picture of who I am, and further insight into how I work.

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