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Double exposure SP's (18 of 26)

You’ve come to the Bio page well done, not many people do that!

I’ll keep this brief. Lets start back when I moved to London in 1991 to complete MA in Textiles at Central St Martins. I moved to London from Galashiels ( small town in the Scottish borders ) where I did my BA in woven textiles. I used photography to develop design ideas at Central St Martins and also on my earlier BA course. I owned a Minolta SLR and developed my own B&W film and used the darkrooms for prints. Things have changed a bit since then, now I’m set up with Nikon D800, iMac, Lightroom and Photoshop.

After college the bright lights of London kept me here. After a couple jobs and fast forward 20 years I run a company called Dimensions Displays. We make good quality portable exhibition stands for marketing and events. This is my main source of income, the photography for the moment is a hobby and outlet for my creativity.

I still love strong colours and patterns that I used to develop design ideas back in college. You can see this is in some of the images in the Art section. The skills learned at design college are very useful for photography  – composition, how to handle colour, texture, contrast. This is reflected in the multiple exposure photography that I’m now concentrating on.

If you fancy a print, or want to licence an image get in touch and we can discuss a pricing.

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